Prepaid phone cards for calls from USA Prepaid phone cards for calls from USA to Canada, India, Russia, UK, Australia, China, Ukraine, Mexico or any other country. Cheap international calls from any country worldwide Cheap international calls from any country worldwide.

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Calling Card Features

PIN-Less Dialing more
Save your time - Skip PIN entry when dialing.

Refillable Cards more
Keep the same PIN. Refill / Recharge PIN anytime.

NO Maintanence Fee more
Keep your card for long time!

Autorefill Option more
PIN is automatically refilled when balance is low. To Activate - select autorefill option on the purchase screen.

Speed Dial more

Mobile Recharge

Here you can easy and instantly recharge your prepaid mobile. Add the minutes you need with prepaid cell phone refill cards or buy a new pre-paid wireless plan from AllTel, AT&T Wireless, STi Mobile, T-Mobile, Total Call, TracFone, Verizon Wireless and many other brand name and smaller providers.
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Phone Cards for USA

Phone Cards for USA

There are plenty of online distributors of phone cards in the US market today. We have chosen the best. They have been selling quality calling cards for USA and international phone cards for many years with the utmost convenience and great selection. You'll find here all types of virtual phone cards for cheap prepaid domestic long distance calls within the US and international phone calls from USA to Canada, Russia, Mexico, UK, Australia, Germany, Ukraine, France, India, China, Pakistan, Japan, and any other country in the world. You will also find here quality global phonecards for travellers and businessmen allowing calling from almost any place on our planet. You can get the lowest rates on international calls from USA. Special pricing from the following locations: US Virgin Isl, USA Alaska, USA Hawaii, USA Mobile and the rest of the country...

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We suggest you to take part in the affiliate program on sale of calling phone cards. 12% commission on sales, the big variety of advertising materials, possibility to open own shop of calling cards. Read more here.

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International Phone Cards. Call long distance worldwide.

We offer a great selection of prepaid calling cards. You can easily call from USA to Africa, Europa, Australia, Asia, America, China, Canada, India, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Mexico or any other country as well as make cheap international calls from any country worldwide. You will find here the best products of USA calling card market. Our store never closes, you can buy cheap long distance calling cards online from the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Phone Calling Cards companies such as AT&T, Continental, Bizon, Saturn, Master Cent, Simply, Jupiter and others, it's always high quality of communication, wide coverage of countries and low prices. Try to buy phone card from our online shop and we are confident that you will be our regular customer!

Best Calling Cards and Phone Cards from USA to:

Australia Australia Phone Card 0.98 ¢Philippines Philippines Phone Card 9.90 ¢Russia Russia Phone Card1.78 ¢
CanadaCanada Phone Card 0.48 ¢Japan Japan Phone Card1.58 ¢ FranceFrance Phone Card0.48 ¢
ChinaChina Phone Card1.08 ¢ MexicoMexico Phone Card1.88 ¢South AfricaSouth Africa Phone Card2.68 ¢
GermanyGermany Phone Card 0.78 ¢NigeriaNigeria Phone Card 5.00 ¢United KingdomUK Phone Card0.38 ¢
IndiaIndia Phone Card 1.48 ¢Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Phone Card3.28 ¢UkraineUkraine Phone Card7.98 ¢

Best calling cards rates from Canada

Search for the Best International Rates

Search for the Best International Rates


International phone cards features:

  • Local access numers. Get even lower rates when calling using local numbers. Also works great if you have free minutes on your cell phone.
  • Toll free access. Use toll free 1-800 access if you prefer.
  • Instant PIN. Receive your instructions and PIN instantly via e-mail. No wait!
  • Permanent refillable PIN. You setup remains the same. Just recharge your card.
  • Automatic refill option. If you would like, you may enable automatic refill of your card if it reaches a certain balance. No need to access internet, your card will be recharged automatically.
  • Direct PIN-less dialing. Register the phone numbers from which you are calling, and you won't need to enter any access codes or PIN.

Use your Visa & MasterCard, privacy & security guaranteed

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Best calling cards rates from Mexico.

Call Mexico

You can get the lowest rates on international calls from Mexico. Special pricing from the following locations: Aguascalientes, Celaya, Guadalajara, Irapuato, Leon, Mexico City, Monterrey, Morelia, Nuevo Laredo, Puebla, Queretaro, Saltillo, San Luis Potosi, Toluca, Tijuana and the rest of the country...

 Full information about Phone Cards Online

Permanent PIN. We provides cheap calling cards, and wireless recharge PINs delivered via email. You will never need to remember your PIN number again. You can also register your phone number and recharge your account anytime. Calls can be made from any country to any country.

Prepaid Phone Cards from NobelCom

Nobelcom is considered as the best prepaid calling card organization online. It is the awesome company that has many exciting advantages over other prepaid companies on internet. They have great advantage to have their own line of phone cards and carrier wise opportunities. It has clear connection without any network issue or other technical issue. It is the best prepaid calling company that offers affordable call rates with high quality services. You do not need to pay any additional charges of middle man. NobelCom provides low-cost online prepaid phone cards for international long distance calling. Just choose the country that you wish to call, and NobelCom will show you a selection of prepaid calling cards to choose from.

Who Should Buy Nobelcom?

Nobelcom works works well for a wide range of calling card needs. For US-based callers, Nobelcom works best for people who need to call just one destination on a recurring (or one-time) basis. For non-US callers, Nobelcom offers excellent rates for calling one or multiple destinations. For travelers, Nobelcom offers cards with competitive rates from multiple countries. More info about Nobelcom Phone Cards

Low Rates from USA to

Austria4.00 ¢
Azerbaijan16.50 ¢
Belarus24.58 ¢
Belgium4.50 ¢
Bulgaria2.00 ¢
Denmark0.88 ¢
Estonia1.95 ¢
Germany0.94 ¢
Greece1.18 ¢
France0.48 ¢
Ireland0.68 ¢
Italy0.78 ¢
Latvia12.60 ¢
Lithuania10.18 ¢
Netherlands1.17 ¢
Norway1.18 ¢
Poland0.98 ¢
Portugal1.08 ¢
Russia2.30 ¢
Spain0.78 ¢
Sweden0.78 ¢
Switzerland1.18 ¢
UK0.38 ¢
Ukraine7.98 ¢
North America
Bahamas6.38 ¢
Barbados12.08 ¢
Belize17.28 ¢
Canada0.58 ¢
Costa Rica1.58 ¢
Cuba70.00 ¢
Dominican Rep.2.78 ¢
El Salvador10.28 ¢
Grenada9.80 ¢
Guatemala7.38 ¢
Haiti21.08 ¢
Honduras9.35 ¢
Jamaica12.50 ¢
Mexico0.58 ¢
Nicaragua10.68 ¢
Panama2.20 ¢
Puerto Rico1.08 ¢
Trinidad&Tobago6.50 ¢
USA - Continental0.80 ¢
South America
Argentina1.18 ¢
Bolivia5.98 ¢
Brazil1.28 ¢
Chile1.28 ¢
Colombia2.58 ¢
Ecuador8.18 ¢
Guyana18.38 ¢
Paraguay3.18 ¢
Peru1.28 ¢
Suriname12.28 ¢
Uruguay4.98 ¢
Venezuela2.08 ¢
Armenia8.80 ¢
Afghanistan14.28 ¢
Bangladesh3.28 ¢
Georgia9.00 ¢
China1.08 ¢
India1.33 ¢
Japan1.88 ¢
Kazakhstan1.48 ¢
Kyrgyzstan8.18 ¢
Korea North44.70 ¢
Korea South1.08 ¢
Malaysia0.78 ¢
Nepal11.68 ¢
Pakistan3.00 ¢
Philippines9.90 ¢
Singapore1.08 ¢
Sri Lanka9.08 ¢
Thailand1.00 ¢
Taiwan1.08 ¢
Uzbekistan4.29 ¢
Vietnam4.30 ¢
Algeria5.48 ¢
Cameroon10.18 ¢
Egypt7.00 ¢
Ethiopia17.23 ¢
Ghana17.58 ¢
Kenya6.58 ¢
Liberia16.00 ¢
Libya17.88 ¢
Mauritius12.84 ¢
Morocco1.80 ¢
Nigeria6.66 ¢
Senegal21.04 ¢
South Africa2.50 ¢
Middle East
Iran11.53 ¢
Iraq4.68 ¢
Israel1.00 ¢
Kuwait4.50 ¢
Lebanon7.28 ¢
Saudi Arabia7.72 ¢
Syria10.98 ¢
Turkey1.87 ¢
UAE13.20 ¢
Australia & Oceania
Australia1.28 ¢
Amer. Samoa2.58 ¢
Guam1.88 ¢
Micronesia41.22 ¢
New Zealand1.38 ¢
Papua New Guinea45.08 ¢

Customer Service

We have Customer Service Representatives available 24/7 for prepaid phone card assistance and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our international phone cards and domestic calling cards and we're sure that you'll love using our refillable phone cards and calling card services.

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