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Nobelcom Phone Cards rates start at 0.5c per minute for calls within USA and at 1c for international calls (overseas). You also get low rates for calls that originate in international locations (for example Germany to Australia or China to USA). Low phone rates come with a toll-free access and high quality. Some cards carry connection-fee. After you select a card, but before you buy it, you will have a chance to review all additional charges (if any) for a selected card. You may save 50-90% on Nobelcom cards. Calling cards became an inexpensive alternative to 1+ long distance and dial around. Check for yourself the quality and the cheap rates for Nobelcom Phone Cards.

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We suggest you to take part in the affiliate program on sale of calling phone cards. 12% commission on sales, the big variety of advertising materials, possibility to open own shop of calling cards. Read more » here.

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